Before getting a pet

Hi Guys, here are a few things you need to know if you’re thinking in getting a pet… They are amazing but they need attention and LOVE♥

FIRST, remember animals have feelings, they are NOT an object that you can get and then leave because you don’t want him/her anymore. Once you get one, there’s no way back

  1. Imagine how your life would be with this new family member, do you have time to spend with your future pet? How would his/her life be?
  2.  Having a pet is awesome but it does cost money, you have to buy food, in cold weathers something so they can be warm, going to the vet, toys, etc.
  3.  Pets need your attention and love, you need to make some time every day to spend with them, going for a walk, cuddling, playing.
  4.  I would say ¨Adopt, don´t shop¨ because there are many animals that need to be adopted but I´m not the right person, because I didn’t adopt Manu, even though it was a gift, I knew about it and I accepted just because I have been in love with Frenchies for years, I wanted a dog to be my 24/7 baby, to travel and sleep with (for the size I couldn’t do that with the dogs I adopted) And I have adopted as many animals as I could or gave them a home. But with Manu we didn’t want to buy her at any place that sells animals so after much research we found a family that just had a male and a female Frenchie that had babies, they are not a breeding place. So in case you want to buy, I recommend you to look for non Breeding Places.
  5.  You need to have space, whether you’re thinking about getting a dog, a cat, a Guinea Pig, etc. You need to have space for them, in dog’s case, a patio or maybe you’ll need to take them for a walk every day.


How to choose which pet should you get and whether adopt or not:

1. Think of your lifestyle and which animals fits it better.

For example, if you have a small flat without a patio and you work many hours a dog is probably not the best option, at least not a big one, because dogs are super needy of your attention and most of them need to waste energy, therefore, they need space and your time.

2. To adopt or to shop?. Many animals have been left on the streets and rescued so they will pay you with love all their life!. Personal Experience here: Everytime I find any animal on the street I try to keep them (which I can’t most of the times because my parents don’t let me) but leaving them there is not an option, I find them families and they are super grateful because you collected them from the street. I could keep 2 dogs once because I couldn’t find them a family and everytime the saw me walking in, they jump of joy, they are super protective and give me a lot of love♥️, that makes you feel how grateful they are and it’s PRICELESS.

But sometimes because of the place you live or any other reason, you can’t adopt, look for the best option, not just for you, but for animals too, Breeding Places are a business so sometimes they don’t care about the animals and they are not…nice to them. DO NOT SUPPORT THOSE PLACES. Always do a research about the place before buying.

Don’t shop because a breed is trending, think about animals, think about what you really want and are able to have.

Hope this blog post has been helpful. Remember to always think in the animal’s wellness, you will be their mum/dad now, take care of them, love them. And always help an abandoned animal! Be one of the reasons for animals and environmental to have hope in humans♥️.

I’d love to hear what do you think or let me know your experience



Let me present Leo and Shane ♥️
  1. They are the 2 adopted babies♥️
  2. As you may know her, she is Manu♥️



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