Teenhood: ¨The Struggle is Real¨

Hi Everyone!

We know being a teen can be difficult sometimes so here are a few things based on my experience that may help you making it easier.

  1. You will probably struggle with your body image, it’s normal, everyone goes through that, for being too thin or too fat, being too tall or too short…etc, sadly we are better finding things we don’t like about us than finding things we like, so you have to fight through that by repeating yourself how beautiful and worthy you are! Perfectness doesn’t exist and social media may not be too helpful all the time since there are many pics about ¨stereotypes¨ but what people share on social media doesn’t have to be real, it can be super posed, good lighting, maybe even photoshop. Or even if what you see is real, you don’t have to be like it, you don’t have to be like anyone, LOVE YOURSELF and everything else will change in a super positive way
  2. STAY TRUE TO YOU, many people will want to influence you and it can be easy for you to get influenced or maybe you don’t even notice it because this is an age where you are just trying to find who you are, but think in who/how you want to be and if those influences are good or bad. In my experience, I don’t drink alcohol, it’s a self-decision, I have tasted some alcoholic drinks but meh, I’m just not into them and I have had many people telling me to drink, that I will have more fun if I do¨, or even that I’m a boring person just for not drinking alcohol, I wasn’t feeling boring so…why would I care about that comment?.
  3. Parents…You will disagree with them many times, but having a rebel attitude won’t help, it will just make it worse, so you can’t do more than explain your point of view. Sooner or later, the problems will solve. In this case…there isn’t much to do but remember to be calm when talking to them about the problem. Be responsible and earn they trust, this will make everything easier
  4. School and Life…You need to find a balance, studying is important but you also need some time to yourself, spend some time with someone or just by yourself doing something you enjoy on the other side, life is important but you need to organize your time so you are able to study too
  5. Not fitting in your group of friends…this can make you feel like you’re wrong but don’t be hard with you, there are many types of people, if you don’t fit in there is because you’re different, not wrong, so keep being you and try to find friends where you feel that you can be yourself.

Those were the things I kinda struggled with, I really hope this can make your teenhood easier. You will even have mixed feelings and feel like nobody understand you, that’s normal!. If you ever need somebody to talk to, I’m always here! You can find me on: Instagram.com/SofisSecret • SofisSecret@outlook.com



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