Be Yourself!

Hi Loves!, I wanted to do a Blog Post with some things I’ve learned .

When I was younger I used to care about what other people say. That went away when I took distance from some “friends” I had that used to spend all their time criticizing, I used to think for whatever I would do, people will say stuff that that person used to say about other people.

It’s hard to take distance from friends but there are moments when you have to put yourself first. Being surrounded by that kind of people and hearing negativity all the time IS NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU. So even if it’s hard, I hugely recommend you to take some distance… It’s unbelievable how free you feel when your mind detoxes from all that negativity and critics.

I started living my life without any prejudices and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy that! I started to love the idea of being different and being myself.

This blog was a secret for the people that know me (since my city is super small, we all know each other, and most people is ALWAYS talking about someone else’s life) because this is not common here, people don’t write blogs, so being the only one was a little bit scary haha, until I decided to post on my personal Instagram account about it (I was super nervous). I want to be 100% real with you all, that means letting all the people that know me in person into my life, and some people that read this blog are a part of my life (Friends, people I see everyday in the street). I was super nervous that day until I understood that this is me, this is what I like, this is what I do and I DO NOT NEED THEIR OR ANYONE’S APPROVAL, I like and believe in what I do, that’s everything I needed to care about!

So…I want to encourage you to put yourself first, take distance from negativity and undertake anything you like to do without thinking “What would they say?” “What would they think?”, change that for “Why would I care about what they think?”. I believe in you!.

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