Tips you need to know if you’re traveling by plane

*Commercial Voice* Is this your first time traveling by plane? Does the security part scare you? or you just have to travel and you just want to know Tips?? You’re in the right place!

I don’t know if it’s just me but the first time I had to travel by plane I was super worried about what thing I could take, the ones that weren’t allowed, how could I feel more comfortable…EVERYTHING, so I remember spending my days looking for all the airplanes/airports rules!. So here are my tips and some things I’ve learned, but always remember to look at your airports website and check if there’s something else you need to know!. Oh! by the way…I must say this Blog Posts was written with my dad’s help since he was in charge of the documents, money, etc.


•Wear comfortable clothes, I know you want to take beautiful pictures, but believe me, after long hours of waiting in the airport or long hours in the plane, all you will want is to be comfy. AND leggings outfits can look FAB too.

•(This is from my dad) Take your passport, boarding pass, and any important documents in a folder that you have in your hands so you have easy access to your passport, boarding pass, money etc. After you get asked for your passport and everything you can put the folder in your hand-luggage

•Money…Always check the amount of cash you’re allowed to take with you. Remember that some airlines sell the food during the flight. ( I flew with KLM in a flight of 16 hours and they gave us the food for free, this is not an ad lol, just a recommendation, the crew was super nice)

•Check how much can your suitcase and hand-luggage can weight (it depends on the airline you are traveling with). If your luggage weights more than the allowed weight, you’ll have to pay

•At least in my country, they ask you to be in the airport 3 hours before the departure time, I recommend you to do everything you have to do as soon as you arrive, so then you can relax.

•If the Body-Scanner sounds when you go through it, RELAX, it happened to me like 5 times, they just check that you don’t have anything illegal and let you go

•You’re not allowed to take weapons, baseball bats, knives, or anything that can be considered a risk. In case you need you really need to take something like that, you can always contact the airline.

•In case you are traveling with pets, look for airlines that allows them some time before you travel, make sure that the place where they allow your pet be healthy for you baby. For example, I have a Frenchie, I’d never allow them to put her in the cargo zone or the hand-luggage compartment. ALWAYS put your pet first and don’t let anyone tell you to do something with your pet if you’re not sure

•You can’t take soda or water into the plane

•Any cream, body lotion, deodorant, perfume you take has to be in a package of 100ml

I really hope this blog post can be useful for you. If there’s anything more you would like to know you can always ask me in the comments or in my Social Media accounts: •



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